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14th Medway Scout Group

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Our trustees

Every Scout Group is a charity in its own right. Leaders and helpers run the programme for young people, but we have trustees who take care of the Group's money and other important things such as insurance and health and safety. This vital behind the scenes work ensures that leaders can get on with running activities without having to worry about money or administration.

The trustees' committee is called the Group Executive. It has a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Other members include parents of young people who belong to the Group and some of the leaders. The Executive Committee produces the Group's budget and keeps an eye on how it is being spent. It meets three or four times a year. It holds an Annual General Meeting each year, around June, to report back on the previous year and discuss the budget for the coming year.

If you think you would make a good trustee, please contact the Chair for more information: Chair 14th Medway Towns


The 14th Medway Towns Scout Group is sponsored by St Simon Stock Roman Catholic Church. A sponsor is an organisation that provides support to a Scout Group. In our case, the church allows us to use the parish hall for meetings. In return, members of the Scout Group attend a monthly church parade and help out at events like parish fetes.

AGM 2018

We held our AGM on Thursday 14th June 2018.

Below are the documents that were used at the meeting.

AGM 2017 Minutes

AGM 2018 Agenda

AGM Report 2017

Current Financial Position July 2017

Fun Quiz for AGM 2017

GSL AGM Report 2017

The Constitution of the Scout Group 05-18

14th Medway Receipts and Payments 17-18

Trustees Annual Report June 2018 final

Sponsorship agreement 06-2018

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